Every fall, ISFA members gather at a premier resort destination to learn valuable trade insights, network with their peers, and share in an experience that can be found nowhere else. The ISFA Annual Conference is created for fabricators by fabricators.


The event includes informational presentations, educational sessions and workshops, new product demonstrations, networking activities, an awards ceremony and more. It kicks off with the ISFA Board of Directors Meeting, which includes the annual Directors Election. 


Presentations and workshops focus on positioning your business for success in the best way possible, led by industry professionals and experts across the field. Presentations emphasize the need to be forward-thinking about how you position your business no matter where you are in your career. Topics range from fabrication techniques and project workflow strategies to software and technology implementation to growth strategies to marketing and business valuation. Presentations include workshops with supplemental workbooks and planning exercises so you can apply what you learn from the experience and cater the information to meet the needs of your business. 


In addition to workshops, attendees learn about some of the latest and greatest products in the industry. The New Product Presentation features innovations from material manufacturers, tooling distributors, technology and solution providers and more. Stay ahead of the game by getting a sneak peek at what's in store for the decorative surfacing industry and how it might impact the way you do business. 


In between workshops and presentations, attendees take advantage of the stunning backdrop at a resort destination, which changes each year. But one thing is for sure: Attendees will enjoy great food, entertainment and a serene setting that enables everyone to kick back, relax and enjoy each other’s company. Sharing experiences and learning from one another in conversation continues to be a cornerstone of ISFA.
















The ISFA Awards

The annual ISFA Awards is an endeavor that is rich in tradition. The nominations process for the ISFA awards starts in July. It’s an open nomination process, and ISFA members submit nominees. Once the ballots are determined, voting begins, exclusive to ISFA members, with the exceptions of Volunteer of the Year, Best New Product and Best Presentation. Volunteer of the Year is nominated by the executive director and voted on by the Board of Directors. Best New Product and Best Presentation are awarded based on Annual Conference participants and attendees. 


Award categories include:

  • Volunteer of the Year

  • Fabricator of the Year

  • Associate of the Year

  • Innovator Award

  • Envision Award

  • ISFA Hall of Fame

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